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It would appear many people are going to our website and immediately clicking on the"Contact Us" page without looking through our site. About half the time the information you are looking for is already posted on our site. Please take a couple of minutes and look it over.

When you make your inquiry please provide as much information as you can such as;engine model, spec and serial number

Our main focus continues to be the promotion of Wisconsin and Continental products. We will add pages to this site on a regular basis that will be for informational purposes only such as;

and much more....................

We thank you for your continued support of Wisconsin products.

Parts manuals are available at no charge to assist you in looking up parts. Please email us your model # and we will send it to you at no charge.


We receive dozens of emails every day and WMC replies to EVERY one (regarding legitimate Wisconsin inquiries) usually the same business day or next day. Besides providing the normal information to figure out what you need we do ask you to include your
CITY & STATE or PROVINCE so we can best direct your inquiry.

We will reply with our complete
contact information in our reply to your email request.


Wisconsin Motors Canada
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Ph: (905) 785-3961 EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Country Code 1 Area Code 905 Phone Number 785-3961

Fx: (905) 785-3962 EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Country Code 1 Area Code 905 Phone Number 785-3962



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