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 Subject:  New CM Bearing Hanger Attaching Bolts
 Engine Models :  V460D, V461D & V465D
 Service Bulletin #: SPB-1-84
 Date Issued:  March 1984

The center main bearing hanger to crankcase bolts have been changed as follows;


 Previous to
serial # 6089642

 Effective with
serial # 6089642



 center main bearing
hanger bolt

 center main bearing
hanger bolt
 part number


bolt size & type

 hex head
grade 5
7/16"-14 x 2-1/4" long

 hex head
grade 8
7/16"-14 x 2-1/2" long
 torque .

 during engine re-assembly torque the new style bolts to 60 foot pounds

For service the new XB120 bolts can be retrofitted on V465D engines previouss to serial # 6089642. These new longer bolts provide greater thread engagement and greater tensile strength than the old style grade 5 bolts.


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