Technical Information

We are adding pages to this section on a regular basis and have set this section up to answer the most commonly asked questions from our customers. This includes, fuel consumption on gas and LPG, how to identify a Wisconsin engine, crankshaft identification guide, sound and pressure levels for the various engines, mufflers offered and much more.

How to Identify a Wisconsin Engine
How to set the timing on all engines, distributor and magneto ignition
 Sound (Noise) Levels 
 Fuel Consumption Chart - Gasoline
 Fuel Consumption Chart - Gas Older Models
 Fuel Consumption Chart - LPG
 Crankshaft Identification Guide
 Gasoline Engines vs Diesel Engines
 Stale Fuel - Comments and Recommendations
 Service Bulletins
 V465D New Center Main Hanger Attaching Bolts March 1884
 V460D, V461D, V465D Modifying to accept the new style V465D crankshaft
 All Multi Cylinder Models Solid State Ignition SPB-3-87 Revised
 Engine Clearances, Tolerances & Torque Specs and more
 W2-1230, W2-1235 & W2-1250 Repair Specs
 THD, TJD Repair Specs
 VE4D, VF4D Repair Specs
 VH4D Repair Specs
 W4-1770 Repair Specs
 VG4D Repair Specs
 V460D, V461D Repair Specs
 V465D Clearances, Tolerances & Torque Specs and more
 V465D Repair Specs


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