Crankshaft Identification Guide

The information contained on this page is to help determine what type of crankshaft is installed in various engines and long blocks. We will be adding items on a regular basis. While the list below is by no means complete it is a start. Parts books for the older models do not list the casting #'s. If you can match some up for us with the correct engine we would appreciate your reply.

The crankshaft casting # (which is the part #) can be found in various locations depending on the engine model. With some models you can remove the pto side main bearing pate and you will find it right there. On others the engine has to be stripped or the oil pan pulled off so you can see where the numbers are on one of the counterweight.

Crankshaft # For One Cylinder Engines
CA79 S7D
CA80 S10D, S12D, S14D, W1-588 (S14D)
CA82 S8D, TR10D

Crankshaft # For Two Cylinder Engines
CA86 THD & TJD standard 1.4375" dia. keyed, extends 5-1/8" out from the face of the case, .375" wide keyway slot, end not drilled and tapped
CA86-2 Standard clutch shaft, 1.4375" dia. with woodruff keyway slot on one side, other side has hole drilled with letter 'A' drill, 3/16" deep for clutch locking screw. Easy to convert a standard CA86 shaft to this style using regular square keyway slot instead of woodruff keyway.
CAA101 W2-1230, W2-1250

Crankshaft #
For Four Cylinder Engines
CA55 VE4D, VF4D 
CA68-3 .
CA69C VG4D standard crankshaft, 1.5" dia. keyed
CA69C83 Replaced by CA69C149S1, threaded water pump shaft, used by C,H & E pumps, 1.5" dia, extends 5-5/16" out from the face of the case
 CA71A 1.4375" dia. keyed shaft, extends 6-5/16" out from the face of the case, standard VH shaft
CA71A36 1.4375" dia. keyed shaft, length 2-7/8" from face of the case,.375" wide keyway slotspecial machining also done on end of shaft and an additional keyway slot is cut in opposite the std. keyway, see drawing
CA71A200 Standard VH4D 1.4375" dia. keyed shaft but only extends out 5-11/16" from the face of the case
CA71A201 Tapered shaft with woodruff keyway slot, total length from face of case is 3-5/16"
CA75, CA75C V461D, V465D
CA89 W4-1770 

Stubshaft & Crankshaft Extension Assemblies  For Engine Model
UC60 Series VE4D, VF4D, VH4D
UC84, UC84-1, UC84-14 VG4D
UC84-11, UC84-13, UC84C, UCA126 V461D, V465D
UC94F Series AGND, THD
UC205 Series W2-1230, W2-1235, W2-1250
UCA Series W2-1230, W2-1235, W2-1250


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