This is a list of the Wisconsin Fairbanks Morse magneto's used over the years and is listed alphabetically by Wisconsin engine model.

On the mag plate you will find a number satrting with "Y". That is the Wisconsin part #. The number below starting with "FM" is the Fairbanks Morse part #. We need all the numbers to insure we are quoting you on the correct parts.

If you remove the large cap exposing the points and condenser and find there is NO OIL residue in this area then most likely you do not need to overhaul your mag. If there is oil in this area it is indicative that the ball bearing and/or oilite bushing is worn out and the excessive side play in the rotor has allowed engine oil to contaminate this area. With the high heat generated by the points arcing when they open and close oil tends to "bake" on the tungsten point contacts and this hard coating does not conduct current flow. This needs to be corrected by completely overhauling the magneto. We usually charge about two hours labor for the complete overhaul plus parts. Turn around time is about 2-3 days from the date it arrive in our shop but can be repair within 24 hours if it is an emergency.

Cross Reference List
NOTE: Some model #'s may have a ""D" suffix. This just means it has a stellite exhaust valve. E.G. Model BKN & BKND

 Wisconsin Engine Model

Magneto #

Part #
 ABN  FMXD1B7S  Y109
 ACN(D)  FMXD1B7S  Y109
 ADH  FMX1A7  Y72
 AEH  FMX1A7  Y72
 AEHS  FMX1A7  Y72
 AEH8  FMX1A7  Y72
 AEN  FMXD1B7U  Y117
 AENL(D)  FMXD1B7U  Y117
 AFH  FMX1A7  Y72
 AGH  FMX1A7 Y72 
 AGND  FMXD1B7R-1  Y107B
 AHH  FMX1A7  Y72
 BKN(D)  FMXD1B7S  Y109
FFM   FMX1-2B7-1  Y80
 HACN  FMXD1B7S-1  Y109C
 HAEW  FMXD1B7U-1  Y117A
 HBKN  FMXD1B7S-1  Y109C
 S7(D)  FMW1M7  
 TE(D)  FMX1-2B7-1  Y80
 TF(D)  FMX1-2B7-1  Y80
 TH(D)  FMX1-2B7-1  Y80
 VD  FMX2B7F  Y79C
 VE  FMX2B7F  Y79C
 VE4(D)  FMZV4B7  Y106
 VF4(D)  FMZV4B7  Y106
 VG4D  FMX4B7A  Y97
 VH4(D)  FMX4B7A  Y97
 VP4(D)  FMZV4B7  Y106
 V460D  FMX4B7D  Y128
 V461D  FMX4B7D  Y128
 V465D  FMX4B7D  Y128


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