Magneto's have been used on gas engines since the 1800's. Unlike conventional battery ignition (like automobiles have), magneto's do not need an external battery to start and keep the engine running. Therefore many mag's will be found on older engines that are started by a rope or hand crank. Some engines like many Wisconsin models have an external 6v or 12v starter and equipped with a magneto. It is important to remember that you should never put battery voltage to the mag ground wire EVEN MOMENTARILY, as this will burn out the mag coil. Also when replacing your keyswitch or on/off switch be sure to get one with terminals for "mag to engine ground". This is a totally independent circuit in the keyswitch not related to the starter solenoid.

Our specialty in this area is all parts for all magneto's installed on Wisconsin and Continental engines over the years. However recently we have expanded these offerings to cover replacement parts and complete magneto's for all engine brands. Go here for a partial list.

We can supply magneto parts and units for most brands of magnetos including Bosch, Eisemannn, Fairbanks Morse, IHC, Slick, Prestolite, and United Technologies, and can offer replacement units for such brands as Edison-Splitdorf, Eisemann, Bendix, and Case. Our magnetos are available for hundreds of engine applications for farm and industrial use. See below for ordering information.



Quick Reference Guide - Fairbanks Morse Parts Identification

This condensed tabulation of service parts will facilitate finding the correct major part used in most Fairbanks Morse magneto's. Illustrations of the fast selling items will help identify the desired parts.

Caps & Gaskets

Brushes, Coils, Points & Condensers

Bearings & Bushings, Discs & Rotors, Gasket & Overhaul Kits

Some examples of how the FM magneto model numbering system works

 Magneto # FMJ4B3(?)
 Example # 1

Fairbanks Morse

JUMP spark type mag, oilite bushing (except on drive end which is  ball bearing)

4 cylinder engine

Flange mounted magneto (but does not identify standard or special  mounting flange)

Indicates original company manufactured for - in this case Allis  Chalmers

If any letter follows in this location it indicates a variation

 Magneto #
 Example # 2

Fairbanks Morse

High speed breaker mechanism

1 cylinder engines

Base mounted magneto

Indicates a Fairbanks Morse OEM application (also made for  Homestead Valve Manufacturing Co)

Application was vented and for a two lobe cam engine

Cross Reference for Mag's Used on Wisconsin Engines

 Ordering Information Required

Contact us with your specific requirement. We need all the numbers found on the mag or the plate screwed or riveted to the body of the magneto or at least the engine model and spec # and the make and model the the equipment. Also click below to enlarge various pictures of the most commonly requested for Fairbanks Morse mag's.


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