Parts Pictures

Below you will find a variety of pictures of parts to assist you in identifying certain components. We trust this will be of assistance to you.

"set of 4" piston rings for V465D engines, a single part # DR60 contains enough rings to do all four pistons

Parts and repair manuals are available for most models in paper or can be supplied on a disk or cd or emailed in Adobe .pdf format.

Delco starter with external, starter mounted solenoid. Standard on 65 hp OHV models,and optional on some 4 cylinder flathead models (VH4D, W4-1770 and VG4D) we stock new and reconditioned starters. A core charge applies for recon units.


Prestolite distributor used on most two and four cylinder models. We have exchange units in stock.. A core charge applies.

Mechanical fuel pumps for all four cylinder models. We stock an optional 12v electric fuel pump as an option.

Location of Zenith and Wisconsin carburetor part number. This is usually stamped in very tiny letters (in a circle) in the upper body of the carb

These are horizontal mount mufflers that are quieter than the standdardd "flying suacer type" mufflers. A small pipe nipple is screwed into the exhaust manifold and this muffler slips over the pipe and is clamped down in place. Can swivel 360o to direct exhaust in any directions.

Round muffler threaded on one side. Usually screws into the top of the exhaust manifold and directs exhaust in from one side and out the other. The 60, 61 and 65 hp versions such as the one pictured above also come with a rain cap.

Solid state distributors for 2, 3 and 4 cylinder engines. Not available for all models. Can be installed to replace your old point ignition distributor. We usually offer a $25 Cdn credit for your old distributor core (if rebuildable). These have black caps that clip on and have a fifth 'tower" in between two spark plug wire towers to aid in identifying ssi units. Wisconsin engine distributors don't use an external vacuum shown in the pic.

Rotor for solid state distributors.

Cap and gasket for solid state distributors. Black, clip on. Note odd shaped rubber sealing gasket to help in identifying.

Two and four cylinder distributor caps used on Colt distributors. Usually white, screw on style. If your cap is black scrapethe it to see if it is just painted black.


External belt driven 61 amp alternator can be found on VH4D, W4-1770, VG4D, V460, V461 and V465d's.

Old style oil filter. We call it a "jam jar or mason jar " style as it has large external diameter threads. Filter slips over a long tube on the engine oil filter adaptor that goes right up inside the filter. Used on old models VF4D and VH4D.


Newer style oil filter used on four cylinder models. All use the same part number the 65 hp. Like a conventional car oil filter with small dia. hole, internally threaded.

Location of magneto part and serial number on Fairbanks Morse magneto''.s

Small bakelite cap for four cylinder Fairbanks Morse magnetos. Order gasket separately. See picture on the left on where to find the mag #. Large cap used on cap above and mag on left, gasket is extra.

Common rotor used in four cylinder magneto's.

Magneto cap for old style WICO brand two cylinder engines. Order gasket separately.

Fiber drive gear inside Fairbanks Morse magneto's.

A kit with points, condenser and rotor is available for most 4 cylinder older style Prestolite distributors. Note distinct shape of rotor.

Most common set of points for Fairbanks Morse magneto's

Coils for Fairbanks Morse magneto's.

A long block assembly is a complete assembly used as a lower cost alternative than replacing the complete engine. Only available for current production models. Includes all the necessary gaskets required to transfer over your old parts.

A complete engine usually includes everything, such as carb, distributor, air cleaner, muffler, tinwork, flywheel, fuel pump, etc. Simply bolt down and attach fuel line, battery cables and speed control cables.

Fuel sediment bowl available in two sizes, small and large for all Wisconsin models. Can be supplied with and without a shut off valve. A kit is available consisting of the bowl, filter screen and gasket for both assemblies.

The engine model, spec and serial number can only be found stamped on a plate screwed or riveted at four points on the blower housing or air cooling tinwork. When you can't find this plate you will usually find the four holes where the plate used to be. Above shows common location on four cylinder models


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