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We have listed some of the most fast moving parts below which are available at special pricing for orders of $1,500 or more. For parts manuals go here.


Bearings, Main Roller & Connecting Rod
HA120DS V465D conrod bearing standard
HA120DS10 V465D conrod shell bearing .010
HA120DS20 V465D con rod shell bearing .020
HA134S TH,TJ,VH,W4 conrod shell bearing standard
HA134S10 TH, TJ,VH,W4 conrod shell bearing standard
HA134S20 TH,TJ, VH,W4 conrod shell .020
HA137S V465D con rod bearing standard HA137S2 V465D con rod bearing .002
HA140S bearing
ME130 bearing assembly
ME130-1 ME130 bearing assy part component
ME71 bearing
ME71A bearing cup and cone assembly
ME93 needle bearing

Fuel Related Items
Complete Carburetors

L63 VH complete carb
L63 TJD complete carb
LZ77LS1 V465D complete carb
Fuel Strainer Repair Kits
LQ31 fuel strainer kit, ABN,ACN,AKN,BKN,AENL,AEN,AEH,AGND,W4-1770,W2-880
LQ32 fuel strainer kit VE4D,VF4D,VH4D,VG4D,V460D,V461D,V465D,W4-1770
Overhaul Kits
LQ33 Zenith L63A,C,E,G,H,J,K,L,M,N,R,U,AE,AN,AF,AP,AQ,BC,LZ63C,C2
LQ34 Zenith L51G
LQ35 Zenith L51A,B,C,E,F,H,J,K
LQ36 Zenith L48J,L,M,Q,U,AB,AC,AD,AE,AL,AZ
LQ37 Zenith L57, LZ77,B,C,G,H,L,M
LQ38 Zenith L48,-1,-2,-3,B,C,E,F,G,H,K,P,V,Y,Z,BF,BM
LQ39 Zenith L63,D,F,V,LZ63-2,-2AH,-2AY,-2AZ
LQ40 Zenith L80,C,G,J,K,L,R,N,U
LQ44 Zenith L86A,C,L95B
LQ45 Zenith L86B,E,F,L95C,E
LQ54A Walbro L106,LTA100,LTA101
Individual Parts
93C120-81 float pin
93C141-4-17 carb flange gasket
93C141-4-5 flange gasket
93C142-118 carb bowl gasket
93C142-16 gasket
93C142-55 gasket
93C142-74 replaced by 93C142-118
93C142-76 gasket
93C181-296 gasket kit
93C181-329 gasket kit
93C46-49 idle adjustment needle
93C46-6 idle adjustment needle
93C81-17-35 needle and seat
93C81-50-25 needle and seat
93C81-50-30 needle and seat
93C81-50-35 fuel assembly
93C-120-4 float pin
93T315S5-4 throttle plate screw
93T48-7 throttle shaft seal
p3T48-9 throttle shaft seal
93T56-20 fuel valve washer
93T56-23 replaced by PH499
93T56-24 main jet fiber gasket
93T56-70 fuel assembly fiber gasket
93T57-12 gasket
Fuel Pumps, Complete (Repair Kits No Longer Available)
LP38ES1 replaced by LP74ES1
LP38HS1 replaced by LP74HS1
LP38KS1 replaced by LP74KS1
LP62AS1 replaced by LP73AS1
LP63 replaced by LP63A
LP63A replaced by LP73AS1 fuel pump TH,TJD
LP70 fuel pump
LP73A4 W2 series fuel pump
LP74ES1 VH,W4,VG fuel pump
LP74FS1 fuel pump
LP74HS1 VH,W4,VG fuel pump, cold climate
LP74KS1 V465D fuel pump replaced by LP63A

Charging Systems, Regulators, Rectifiers & Stators
YJ49AS1 regulator.rectifier, old style
YB67 stator
YB76A stator
YB75A stator
YB79A stator
YJ58A rectifier, 2 wire
YJ60A regulator
YJ65A regulator
YJ68A rectifier
YJ70 regulator/rectifier (on current production)
YB82A 30 amp stator, use with YJ60 regulator and YJ68A rectifier
YB81A 10 amp stator
YB84 30 amp stator (on current production), use with YJ70 regulator/rectifier assembly

Clutch Assemblies, for Rockford Over Center Clutches
WC280A clutch assembly
WC280B clutch assembly
WC288A Clutch assembly

Electrical Items, Key & Button Switches
YC27BS1 starter switch
YC50S1 low oil shutdown switch
YC78 switch
YC78D keyswitch
YC9BS1 ignition switch
YC9FS1 ignition switch
YE2 ammeter 30-0-30

Filters, Air & Oil
LO173B air filter
LO175B air filter
RV38 oil filter
RV40 oil filter
RV52 oil filter

Gaskets & Gasket SetsASKETS
Engine Gaskets

QB75 TH,TJ,VH,W4 manifold gasket
QB77 VE,VF intake manifold gasket
QB78 VE,VF exhaust manifold gasket
QB79 VE,VF manifold gasket
QB83 VG insert bushing
QB85 VG insert bushing
QB85B replaced by QC74
QB86 manifold gasket
QB87 intake and exhaust manifold gasket
QC12A TH,TJ,VH,W4 carb to manifold gasket
QC53 carb gasket
QC53B replaced by QC53C
QC53C carb gasket
QC55A manifold gasket
QC56B manifold gasket
QC56C manifold gasket
QC64 carb gasket
QC66 VG exhaust gasket
QC67 exhaust manifold gasket
QC70 manifold gasket
QC71 carb gasket
QC71A carb gasket
QC73 intake and exhaust manifold gasket
QC74 intake and exhaust manifold gaskets
QD479A bearing plate gasket
QD479C bearing plate gasket
QD481 valve cover gasket
QD482 valve cover gasket
QD482A valve cover gasket
QD484 replaced by QD484A
QD484A head gasket
QD485A valve cover gasket
QD486 valve cover gasket
QD487A bearing plate gasket
QD487B bearing plate gasket
QD488 cylinder base gasket
QD489B oil pan gasket
QD514B oil pan gasket
QD515 magneto gasket
QD516 magneto gasket
QD518 bearing plate gasket
QD527A main bearing plate gasket
QD527B main bearing plate gasket
QD527C main bearing plate gasket
QD527D main bearing plate gasket
QD535A oil pump cover gasket
QD540 air cleaner gasket
QD540A air cleaner gasket
QD543A bearing plate gasket
QD544 bearing plate gasket
QD546 oil reduction gear seal
QD551 valve cover gasket
QD568E head gasket
QD569A oil pan gasket
QD570A magneto gasket
QD571 governor shaft bracket gasket
QD572 valve cover gasket
QD573 bearing plate gasket
QD573A bearing plate gasket
QD574 bearing retainer plate gasket
QD582 housing gasket
QD595A oil filter gasket
QD596 gear cover gasket
QD611 gear cover gasket
QD612A valve cover gasket
QD612B valve cover gasket w PSA
QD613C,E replaced by QD613D
QD613D TH,TJ,VE,VF,VH,W4 head gasket
QD614 gear cover spacer gasket
QD614A gear cover spacer gasket
QD615A governor housing gasket
QD616 magneto gasket
QD617 replaced by QD874
QD617A cylinder base gasket
QD618 Rockford pto housing gasket
QD619 reduction assembly housing gasket
QD623A reduction assembly gasket
QD631 replaced by QD631A
QD631A VG head gasket
QD632 cylinder base gasket
QD632A replaced by QD632
QD633 spacer plate gasket
QD633-1 spacer plate gasket
QD634 gear cover gasket
QD634A gear cover gasket
QD635 bottom cover plate gasket
QD635A oil pan gasket
QD636 bearing plate gasket
QD636A bearing plate gasket
QD636B bearing plate gasket
QD638A governor housing gasket
QD647 air cleaner bracket gasket
QD650-1 Rockford pto housing gasket
QD651 reduction assembly housing gasket
QD653 fule bowl gasket
QD660 gear cover gasket
QD661A crankcase spacer gasket
QD662A oil pan gasket
QD662V oil pan gasket
QD663A oil pump gasket
QD667 air cleaner bracket gasket
QD669 breather gasket
QD67 fuel pump adaptor gasket
QD670 fuel pump gasket
QD674 bearing plate gasket
QD675 oil pan gasket
QD695 gasket
QD711 ignition timer cover gasket
QD712 replaced by QD712A
QD712A head gasket
QD713A cylinder base gasket
QD718 head gasket
QD727 muffler gasket
QD744 replaced by QD744A
QD744A air cleaner gasket
QD757B replaced by QD757D or E
QD757D V465D head gasket, graphoil
QD757E V465D head gasket, metal clad
QD758 replaced by QD758A
QD758A rocker cover gasket
QD761 bearing plate gasket
QD761A bearing plate gasket
QD782 fuel filter gasket
QD797 head gasket
QD798A gear cover gasket
QD798B gear cover gasket
QD800 carb gasket
QD801 valve cover gasket
QD802 replaced by QD802A
QD802A head gasket
QD804 reduction assembly gasket
QD811 oil pan gasket
QD812 insulating gasket
QD816A stator plate gasket
QD818B cylinder base gasket
QD823 valve cover gasket
QD824 gear cover gasket
QD825 replaced by QD825A
QD825A head gasket
QD827 reduction assembly gasket
QD828 air cleaner bracket gasket
QD829A head gasket
QD830 oil pump gasket
QD833 bearing plate gasket
QD838 breaker box cover gasket
QD839 cylinder base gasket
QD841 cylinder base gasket
QD844 main bearing plate gasket
QD845 mainbearing plate gasket
QD846 oil pump gasket
QD847 replaced by QD847A
QD847A head gasket
QD848 bearing plate gasket
QD848A gasket
QD849 air cleaner gasket
QD850 head gasket
QD857 reduction assembly housing gasket
QD860 air cleaner adapter gasket
QD860B intake gasket
QD861 plate cover gasket
QD862 plate to case gasket
QD863 oil pan gasket
QD865 starter motor gasket
QD866 governor gasket
QD874 cylinder base gasket
QF116A bearing plate shim
QF124 bearing plate shim
QF125 bearing plate shim
Magneto Gasket
31H2498 gasket for Fairbanks Morse magneto cap
Gasket Sets, Overhaul & Top End Sets, for complete engines and short & long blocks
Gasket sets for Wisconsin long block assemblies

20061001 manifold gasket kit with spacers
20161005 gasket set for TJD long block
20161004 gasket set long block
20161006 gasket set long block
20161008 gasket set for long block
20161009 replaced by 20161010
20161010 gasket set for V465D long block
Gasket Sets, Engine Overhaul and Top End
Q1 ABN gasket set
Q1A replaced by Q1
Q12G,H,J,K,L,M,N,P,Q replaced by Q12R
Q12R VE,VF,VH,W4 gasket set
Q18B,C,F replaced by Q18D
Q18D VG4D gasket set
Q2 AKN gasket set
Q2B replaced by Q2D
Q2D BKN gasket set
Q21A,B replaced by Q21C
Q21C TF,TH,THD gasket set
Q21D,E replaced by Q21C
Q21E gasket set
Q22 AEN,AENL gasket set
Q24 ACN gasket set
Q27A VG gasket set, top end
Q27B replaced by Q27A
Q28,B replaced by Q28A
Q28A VH,W4 gasket set, top end
Q29A VE,VF gasket set, top end
Q30,B replaced by Q30A
Q30A TE,TF,TH,TJ,W2-880 gasket set, top end
Q31 replaced by Q31A
Q31A AGND gasket set
Q31D gasket set
Q32A,B,C,E replaced by Q32D
Q32D V460,V461,V465D overhaul gasket set
Q32E V460,V461,V465D overhaul gasket set
Q34A replaced by Q34B
Q34B and C V465D gasket set, top end
Q35B S7D gasket set
Q35C S8D gasket set
Q37A TR10D,TRA10D gasket set
Q38A replaced by Q38D
Q38B gasket set
Q38C gasket set
Q38D S14D gasket set
Q39 HS7D gasket set
Q4 gasket set
Q40 HS8D gasket set
Q41,B replaced by Q41A
Q41A TJD gasket set
Q42 TRA12D gasket set
Q43 TRA12D gasket set, bearing plate
Q48 replaced by Q48A
Q48A W2-1230, 1235 gasket set
Q49 replaced by Q53A
Q5A AEH gasket set
Q52 W2-880 gasket set
Q52A replaced by Q52
Q53 replaced by Q53A
Q53A W2-1230,1235,1250 gasket set, top end
Q54,B replaced by Q54A
Q54A W2-1250 gasket set, without selas
Q60 gasket set

Ignition Systems, Magneto's, Distributors, Wires & Realted Items
YJ69AS1 ssi ignition module, TR series
YB83AS1 ssi stator, (behind flywheel) for TR series

20120005 ignition module for ssi distributor, all models
20121003 ssi distributor cap
20121006 ssi rotor

YD20A boot for coil end of coil wire (100 min)
YL285F VH,W4 ignition wire set
YL349 V465D ignition wire set

YF50S1 VH,W4,VG,V465D complete ssi distributor
YF52S1 TJD complete ssi distributor
YL339-14 14" spark plug wire
YL339-18 18" spark plug wire
YL339-28 28" spark plug wire
YL339-32 32" spark plug wire
YL358-12 12" coil wire
YQ21 TJ,VH,W4,VG,V465D points, condenser and rotor kit for Prestolite distributor,black cap, clip on also available separately
YQ27 TJ,VH,W4,VG,V465D cap and rotor kit, for Colt distributor, white cap, screw on
YQ31 TJ,VH,W4,VG,V465D points condenser and rotor kit for Colt distributor, white cap, screw on

Manuals, Owner/Operators, Parts & Service
Please note there is no charge for all operators & parts manusals that are available in a .pdf format. Repair manuals are a net of $35 CAD each for paper copies or $30 for .pdf copies emailed direct to you. Go to our manuals section for a complete list.

Misc Items
VE527X t-handle turn and lock throttle control
RS56 oil pressure gauge
RF1553 fitting

Mufflers, Standard & Low Tone & Muffler Clamps
Clamps for horizontal mount mufflers

CL175 clamp for TH,TJ,VH,W4 WD72 muffler
CL200 clamp for VG4D WD70 muffler
CL212 clamp for V465D WD76 muffler
WD1 special double threaded
WD101 muffler
WD108 muffler
WD109A muffler
WD111A V465D round muffler
WD111A V465D round muffler with rain cap
WD112 V465D rain cap for 2" dia. outlet
WD30D muffler
WD33 muffler
WD45 muffler
WD58A V465D round muffler, two outlets
WD66 muffler
WD66A muffler
WD70 VG hor. mount muffler uses CL200 clamp
WD72 TH,TJ,VH,W4 hor. mount muffler uses CL175 clamp
WD76 V465D hor. mount muffler uses CL212 clamp
WD86 TH,TJ,VH,W4 direct mount muffler
WD98 TH,TJ,VH,W4 round muffler

Oil Seals & O-rings

JK52 o-ring
JK53 o-ring
JK55 o-ring
JK56 o-ring
JK59 o-ring
JK70 o-ring
JK71 o-ring
JK71 o-ring
JK73 o-ring
JK74 o-ring
Oil Seals
PH20C oil seal
PH202 oil seal
PH234A oil seal 3/4"
PH254 retainer, oil seal
PH256 oil seal 1-11/64
PH258 oil seal 1-1/4"
PH265 oil seal
PH269 oil seal 1-3/4"
PH278 oil seal 2-3/4"
PH299 VH oil seal 1-1/2" flywheel side
PH364 VH oil seal pto side
PH374 oil seal 1-5/16"
PH382 oil seal replaced by PH496C
PH496B oil seal 2"
PH496C oil seal
PH541 oil seal
PH557A oil seal 1-1/2"
PH568 oil seal
PH571 oil seal
PH603 oil seal
PH609 oil seal
QD546 oil reduction gear seal

Piston, Pin & Clips, Standard, .010, .020 & .030
DB183D1SP VG4D piston assembly standard
DB183D1SP20 VG4D piston assembly .020
DB183D1SP30 VG4D piston assembly .030
DB190B1SP TH,TH,VH,W4 piston assembly standard, 3 ring
DB190B1SP10 TH,TH,VH,W4 piston assembly .010, 3 ring
DB190B1SP20 TH,TH,VH,W4 piston assembly .020, 3 ring
DB190B1SP30 TH,TH,VH,W4 piston assembly .030, 3 ring
DB190B2SP TH,TH,VH,W4 piston assembly standard, 4 ring
DB190B2SP10 TH,TH,VH,W4 piston assembly .010, 4 ring
DB190B2SP20 TH,TH,VH,W4 piston assembly .020, 4 ring
DB190B2SP30 H,TH,VH,W4 piston assembly .030, 4 ring
DB190B2SP TH,TH,VH,W4 piston assembly .040, 4 ring
DB2095SP piston assembly standard
DB2095SP20 piston assembly .020
DB2095SP30 piston assembly .030
DB2095SP40 piston assembly .040
For DB210-4 replace with appropriate DB190B@ style
DB232SP V465D piston assembly standard
DB232SP10 V465D piston assembly .010
DB232SP20 V465D piston assembly .020
DB232SP30 V465D piston assembly .030

Piston Ring Sets, Standard, .010, .020, .030 & .040
DR15D VG4D ring set standard, set of 4
DR15DS10 VG4D ring set ..10, set of 4
DR15DS20 VG4D ring set .020, set of 4,
DR15DS30 VG4D ring set .030, set of 4,
DR30 ring set standard
DR30S10 ring set .010
DR30S20 ring set .020
DR30S30 ring set .030
DR32 ring set standard
DR32S10 ring set .010
DR32S20 ring set .020
DR60 V465D ring set standard, set of 4
DR60S10 V465D ring set .010, set of 4
DR60S20 V465D ring set .020, set of 4
DR60S30 V465D ring set .030, set of 4
DR63 TH,TJ,VH,W4 ring set standard, 3 ring, set of 2
DR63S10 TH,TJ,VH,W4 ring set .010, 3 ring, set of 2
DR63 TH,TJ,VH,W4 ring set standard, 3 ring, set of 2
DR63 TH,TJ,VH,W4 ring set standard, 3 ring, set of 2
DR63A TH,TJ,VH,W4 ring set standard, 4 ring, set of 2
DR63AS10 TH,TJ,VH,W4 ring set .010, 4 ring, set of 2
DR63AS20 TH,TJ,VH,W4 ring set .020, 4 ring, set of 2
DR63AS30 TH,TJ,VH,W4 ring set .030, 4 ring, set of 2
DR63AS40 TH,TJ,VH,W4 ring set .040, 4 ring, set of 2
DR6E ring set standard
DR6ES10 ring set .010
DR6ES20 ring set .020
DR6ES30 ring set .030
DR6ES40 ring set .040

Starter Motors and ring gears
Ring Gears
GH43 VG4D, V465D ring gear
GH44 VH,W4 ring gear
GH46, TH,TJD ring gear
Starter Motors
YA32B TH,TJ, W2-880 starter, heavy duty GM Delco with external solenoid
YA53B W2 v-twins, VH,W4,VG starter, heavy duty GM Delco with external solenoid
YA60 V465D Delco starter
YA61 TH, TJ, W2, VH, W4,VG Prestolite starter

Valves, Guides, Tappets, Camshaft & Crankshaft Gears
AD41E guide, inlet and exhaust
AD42 guide
AD47 guide replaced by AD41E
AE75B inlet and non stellite exhaust valve
AE75D stellite exhaust valve
F61 TJ,VH tappet
F63 tappet
F67C tappet
F71 tappet
FA42C tappet
FA70 tappet
GA36A crankshaft gear
GA39 crankshaft gear
GA51 gear
GB45A cam gear
GB45D gear
GB46 cam gear
GC27B1 idler gear
GC28 idler gear
GC29 gear
GD94C oil pump drive gear
PB169A V465D tappet adjusting screw

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