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For Wisconsin Engines
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 YF10C  D41-09B

 more info to follow
 YF10D  D41-10B  
 YF35  D21-12A  
 YF40  D21-12A  
 YF42  D21-11A  
 YF45  D41-09B .
 YF45A  D41-10B  
 YF46  D21-12A  
 YF48  D21-11A  
 YF49  D11-18A AENL 1957 - present
BKN 1955 - present
 YF50  D41-09B VH4D, W4-1770, VG4D, V460D, V461D, V465D (side mount)
 YF50A  D41-10B VH4D 1956 - present
W4-1770 1976 - present
(top mount)
 YF50B  D41-11B  
 YF51  D21-11A W2-1230, W2-1235 1980 - present
W2-1250 1987 - present
 YF52  D21-12A TJD 1968 to present
W2-880 1980 to present
 YF53  D11-18A  
 YF54  D21-13A  
 YF55  D41-24A  
 YF8C  D11-18A  


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