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We have many manuals available to be sent via email in Adobe .pdf format. See the list below. Manuals sent electronically are $30.00 each and are sent by email for you to view and print using Abobe Reader and your own printer. To view the manuals that you purchase from our site, you will need two FREE software packages:

Manuals purchased from Wisconsin Motors Canada are electronic duplicates of the original manuals provided by the manufacturer. By sending you an electronic copy of the manual we save you money by reducing shipping and duplication costs. For those manuals not available in Adobe .pdf format the cost is $35.00 per manual with an additional mailing fee of $3.00 per manual anywhere in North America.

To purchase manuals please call, email or fax us with your credit card information. If you are requesting a paper manual please provide your complete mailing address. Electronic manuals are usually emailed the same or next business day. Paper manuals are shipped within 48 hours of receiving the order.




 Parts Manual

 Repair Manual

 Parts / Repair Manual


L-Head Series

F-4 Series

Models F124, F4124, F135, F4140, FA140, F162, F4162, FA162, F163, FS145, FS162, FS4145 are military engines that have very limited parts availability. F-4 series late models are F135 & F163.

F-6 Series
F170, F186, F209, F218, F226, F227, F244, F245, F6170, F6186, F6209, F6218, F6226, F6227, F6244, FS218, FS244, FS6218, FS6244 are military engines that have very limited parts availability. F-6 series late models are F227, F245 & F6227

Y-4 Series
Y69, Y91, Y112, YA112, IY112, Y4069, Y4091, Y4112 are military engines that have very limited parts availability.





4 cyl. models N56,N62,
Y69,Y91,Y112, F124, F135, F140, F162, F163
& 6 cyl models
F186, F209, F226, F227, F244, F245, M271, M290, M330, M363, B371, B427

Also available via email is a basic parts listi for the models listed above

 "R" Series Gasoline Engines

 TM Series
TM13, TM20,


part # tba,
.pdf file




 TMD Series
TMD13, TMD20, TMD27





 * - obsolete models         tba - to be advised                 NA - not available               SOR - special order


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