Parts and Mag's Available for the Following Manufacturers

This is a partial list of the various engine and equipment companies that we can supply Fairbanks Morse magneto's and parts for. If you do not see yours listed here contact us with as much of the following information that you can find;

1) magneto make
2) ALL the numbers found on the magneto
3) engine make
4) engine model
5) equipment make
6) equipment model

Engine and/or Equipment Manufacturer

Ajax Iron Works
Arrow Specialty (Climax Engine)
Avery Power Machinery Company
Beaver Tractor Company
Bud, Division of Allis-Chalmers
J.I. Case
Caterpillar Tractor Company
Clark Brothers
Climax Engine Company
Continental Motors Corporation
Cooper-Bessemer Corporation
Cooper (White) Superior
John Deere Tractor
Eagle Manufacturing Company
Fairbanks Morse (single cylinder)
Ford Motor Company
Frazier Farms
Gravely Tractors
Hercules Motor Corporation
International Harvester
Lincoln Electric
Lathrop Engine Company
Le Roi Company (Roiline)
Lycoming Division of Avco Corporation
M.E.P. Industries
Minneapolis-MolineNational Supply Company
National Transit Pump & Machinery Manufacturing Company
Nova Engine Company
Oil Well (U.S. Steel-Witte)
Oliver Farm Equipment Company
Onan (D.W. Onan)
Palmer Brothers Engines Incorporated
Russel-Hipwell Engines Limited
Universal Motors Corporation
U.S. Government
Waukesha Motor Corporation
Westbend Outboard (Chrysler Outboard)
Western Austin
White (Superior, Cooper Superior)
Wisconsin Motor Corporation


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