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The W2 series of engines was developed to offer a budget priced alternative between the inline two cylinder 18.2 hp Model TJD and the 30 hp V-4 Model VH4D. The initial engine model was W2-1230 as the engine has a displacement of 1230 cc's. Note that this horsepower was developed by running at 3600 rpm, the highest revving Wisconsin multi cylinder engine to date. It is felt that the engine was under rated when introduced at 25 hp and had some carburetor and other minor changes done and the engine model was subsequently changed to W2-1235 (26 hp) and then to W2-1250 (30 hp). While a low cost alternative there were some major problems over the years with this model mainly with camshafts breaking and scrambling the insides of the engines. This model was eventually dropped as word of these failures spread throughout the industry. If you have one of these engines and it has performed well to date you should anticipate it will continue to do so for years to come if it has not failed prematurely to date. It is interesting to note that years later in 2004 Briggs and Stratton have just introduced a 31 (and soon a 35 hp) aluminum block v-twin engine similar in many respects to the W2-1230 engine first introduced by Wisconsin in 1986.

 ENGINE MODEL W2-1230, 1235 & 1250
Current engine model ? W2-1230 discontinued 1986
W2-1235 discontinued 1988
W2-1250 discontinued 1995
# of cylinders
Cylinder configuration  V-2
Head / valve style flat head, side valve 
Standard Bore Size 3.750" +/- .0005" (95 mm), if worn .005" over standard size, re-bore, hone and fit with oversize pistons and rings 
Stroke 3.40"  (86 mm)
Displacement 75 cubic inches (1230 cc) 
Maximum Horsepower @ RPM W2-1230 - 25 hp @ 3600 rpm
W2-1235 26 hp @ 3600 rpm
W2-1250 30 hp @ 3600 rpm 
Horsepower @ 2400 RPM to be advised
Horsepower @ 2000 RPM to be advised
Weight - Ibs. (kg) to be advised
Maximum Ft. Ibs, Torques @ RPM to be advised
Dimensions - Lx W x H to be advised
Maintenance Information  
Air cleaner, check and clean or replace oil bath, every 4-8 hours depending on working environment, dry type change only when restriction indicator advises you to 
Oil level, check every 4 - 8 hours 
Oil Change every 50 hours 
Oil type, must meet or exceed API Service specification SE / CC -20oF to +32oF use 5w20, 5w30 or 10w,  or 0of to 95oF use 10w30, 10w40, 15w40, 15w50, or 60oF to 120oF use 20w40, 20w50, 40w
Gasoline regular grade gasoline only, (87 octane minimum) 
Clearance & Tolerances  
Piston skirt to bore clearance .0025 - .0035 cam ground piston 
Crankpin diameter 2.099 - 2.100
Connecting rod to crankpin clearance .0011 - .0036 shell bearing to crankpin clearance, vertical 
Connecting rod side clearance

 .009" - .018"
Center bearing Shell (V465D only) not applicable
Valve tappet clearance - cold - inlet .007
Valve tappet clearance - cold - exhaust .020
Valve face and valve seat angle  45o
Valve stem to guide clearance  .003" - .005", when clearance becomes over .002" over the high limit replace the guide(s)
Piston pin to piston .0005" - .0008" loose
Piston pin to connecting rod .0006" - .0015" tight
Piston ring end gap 

 .010" - .020"
Crankshaft end play .005" - .012" cold 
Crankshaft main bearing clearance

.002" - .005" 
Bolt Torques - Foot Ibs.  
Connecting rod 32 - 36 
Cylinder block nut 45 - 50, cap screw 28 - 32 
Cylinder head studs 32 - 36, caps crews 45 - 47 
Engine base 12 - 14
Gear Cover 16 - 18
Manifold 16 - 18 
Main bearing plate 28 - 32 
Spark plug 20 - 22 
Flywheel 112 - 118 
Rope pulley not applicable 
Crankcase oil capacity 3-1/2 quarts plus 1/2 additional quart if replacing the filter 
Running spark advance 6o BTDC@ 1800 rpm or
20o BTDC @ 3400 rpm 
Breaker point gap distributor 020"
Spark plug gap .030" gasoline, .018" LPG 
Maximum operating rpm 3600 

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