V465D Engine Rebuild Kit

We can provide a complete kit with the parts recommended to completely overhaul your Wisconsin engine. Where there is a choice of sizes available for a particular part please specify which size you require. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Complete rebuild specifications, torques and tolerances for the model V465D

Kit contains the following;

4 - DB232SP piston, pin and clips, standard, .010", .020" or .030"
1 - DR60
ring set, set of four does four pistons, standard, .010", .020", or .030"
4 - HG131C piston pin bushing
4 - HA120DS connecting rod bearing (2 halves), standard, .010" or .020"
1 - HA137S center main bearing (2 halves), standard, .010" or .020"|
8 - AD44 valve guide, intake and exhaust
4 - AE89 intake valve
4 - AE88D exhaust valve
8 - AF51 valve spring, intake and exhaust|
1 - Q32E overhaul gasket set, includes o-rings, comes with graphoil head gaskets
                        (if you want the old style metal clad gaskets instead please advise)
1 - QD535A oil pump gasket
1 - PH496C flywheel side oil seal
1 - PH496B power take off side oil seal
1 -
RV38 oil filter

Optional Items for consideration;

1 - repair manual, paper copy or sent via email (or on disc) in Adobe .pdf format
1 - parts manual, paper copy or sent via email (or on disc) in Adobe .pdf format

1 - MH184A alternator belt, for external belt driven alternator
1 - crankshaft main roller bearing, flywheel side, includes bearing and cup
1 - crankshaft main roller bearing, power take off side, includes bearing and cup
1 - LQ37 carb overhaul kit (for LZ77 series Zenith carb)
(locating carb spec #)
1 - KAA oil pump assembly, complete

1 -
WD76 horizontal mount muffler or
1 -
WD111A round muffler (includes rain cap)
1 - WD349 ignition wire set for side mount distributor, includes coil wire
1 -
YQ27 & YQ31 cap, rotor, points and condenser kit for Colt distributor, white cap, screw on, or
1 -
20121003 and 20121006 cap and rotor for Pertronix solid state distributors, "black cap, clip on, says "Perlux" in between the wire towers
Pertronix solid state distributor for V465D
28IG1324J and YQ21 cap, rotor, points and condenser kit for old style Prestolite point distributors
1 - magneto overhaul kit and cap and rotor if equipped ,
note location of mag # which we require

Service Tips

The cylinder heads on the OHV models tend to form a hairline crack in between the two valve seats. Prior to re-furbishing de-carbon the head and inspect this area very carefully as it is hard to see the crack . We have exchange heads in stock, bead blasted with new guides and either re-conditioned or new valves.

Long blocks are available

Complete Engines are available. New and rebuilt, click here

We also buy your old engine cores

Warranty policy on parts, rebuilt and new engines and long blocks engines


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