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Long & Short Blocks

35 hp
 We have a W4-1770 long block and W4-1770 short block available, rebuilt by factory trained mechanics at our shop. Pistons and rings are STANDARD Contact US.

Complete engines and long & short blocks

65.2 hp
We have new V465D standard spec complete engines in stock ready for immediate shipment. Ideal for duct cleaning trucks, concrete saws, etc. Also in stock are V465D new short and long block assemblies and rebuilt V465D complete engines, long & short blocks. Contact us.


TJD 18.2 hp
18.2 hp TJD, two cylinder, inline with Hale 2-1/2" high pressure pump, mounted on channel skid frame, includes 12v battery, electric start and chgarging, fuel tank and three outlet ports, self primes with special exhaust primer device, just tuned up.


 Price reduced to $5,500 CAD for Magnum long nose saw in every good condition, turn key ready to be put to work.

Parts Manuals

 Most Models
 Most models now available at no charge via email in .pdf format.


 Concrete Contractors
Mississauga Construction Equipment in Mississauga, Ontario offers a variety of custom manufactured diesel powered generators which are designed specially for concrete contractors.

 65hp motor
& saw for sale

 V465D on a Magnum Model PS6585 saw for sale, good runner.


15 brand new Continental diesel and gas engines and long and short blocks for sale, surplus inventory


How to set the timing on all Wisconsin distributor and magneto ignition engines.

 Ordering Information

Company contact and ordering information, terms and conditions of sale, etc.

Long Blocks 

Description of what a long block assembly is.

 Casey Rail Car

Historical Information on the Casey Rail Car

SSI Distributors

 All Wisconsin Multi Cylinder
Replacement ssi parts distributors for all multi cylinder Wisconsin engines.

 SSI Distributors

 All Makes & Models
We now have ssi distributors for many makes and models of agricultural and industrial applications.


 All Wisconsin Models
Cross reference list for all Wisconsin engine models to the Wisconsin (Y #'s) and Fairbanks Morse (FM #'s) part numbers


  All Makes & Models
List of the various engine and equipment companies we can supply replacement magneto's and parts for.


 All Makes
& Models
We now offer complete replacement magneto's and parts for most makes and models of engines and equipment.


 All Multi Cylinder Engines
Complete listing of all parts for the various solid state distributors.


 All Multi Cylinder Engines
Description, troubleshooting, test procedures and warnings on what can damage this solid state ignition system.

 Rebuilt Engines for Hyster, Clark & Caterpillar Forklifts

 All Older
Continental Models
A complete list and pricing for replacement engines for Hyster, Clark and Caterpillar forklifts using Models Y112's, F162's, F163's G193's, F226's and F227 engines.


 All Models
We presently supply catalytic mufflers for all Wisconsin and Continental gas & diesel engines. Complete specs, emission information, etc coming soon.

 Piston Ring Thickness

When replacing pistons, rings or both on these motors there is quite a variety of piston and ring combinations. This will explain what questions we need answered to be able to supply you the correct parts.

Roller Bearing

Instructions on how to modify your old style crankcase on the models V460 and V461 to allow you to upgrade to the newer style V465D crankshaft and center main bearing hanger and shell bearing


 All Models
How to store your equipment for an extended period and not allowing the fuel to go stale.

 TM Series Part Manual

A parts manual is now available in Adobe .pdf format.

 New Center
Hanger Bolts

Bulletin on new grade 8 center main bearing hanger bolts for V465D issued March 1984 

F227 long block
for sale

 Brand new F227 long block for Clark 4 gear forklift

 Cont Engines
For Sale

 All Models
Similar to our Section 8 for Wisconsin engines we have added a section detailing Continental engines and long blocks for sale by us or private sellers.

 Section Eight

 All Models
If you have a fairly complete new, rebuilt or used engine for sale or a complete piece of equipment that is powered by a Wisconsin engine email us the and we will post the information on our site. You do the deal direct with the prospective purchaser. There is no charge for this service. Once the item has been sold we ask that the seller confirm this with us so we can remove the listing.

(LPG) Kits

We have three complete kits to modify VH4D engines from gasoline only to propane (LPG)

Kohler Genset
For Sale

This is a mint condition VG4D powered Kohler genset for sale. If you have any complete engines or equipment Wisconsin related you can put them on our site for no charge.


 VH4D, 30 hp
Detailed all the parts required to totally overhaul your VH4D engine. Included is your cost in Canadian and USD for the kit as well as some other items such as carb kits, points and condenser kits, etc.


TMD Series
Added the three repair manuals which covers most Continental models 

vs Diesel

Explanation of why diesel engines are more fuel efficient than gas engines.


Complete pictures to assist in identifying the various common FM parts such as large and small caps, disc and rotors, bearings  and bushings, point sets, etc

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